A year on the Hill of Corton

Still no news…

Things do not move quickly sometimes......

Things do not move quickly sometimes……

Still no news re subscriptions…
But its time to plan my October visit for the harvest, I have no travel sponsorship so have to book my Eurostar early !
In September I drove down and it does not compete with the train except if there are two of you. Catching the train I leave my home around 05.15 and I’m on the 07.01 Eurostar, then a two stop link on the RER in Paris and I’m at Gare de Lyon comfortably in good time. Then I’m in Dijon with time for a coffee at the station cafe before Hertz opens at 13.30. I shall be at work before 14.30. Better than arriving at 17.30 after a 500 mile drive !
Equally the 13.20 TGV from Dijon means I’m home by 19.30 with a little bit of reviewing and editing already done on the train.
Accommodation for pickers at harvest time is scarce and probably basic but still a privilege and you eat well! Part of my aim with this book is to show you the reality of winemaking.
So far 2013 has been a very “real” year !
I’m also lucky that World of Fine Wine have commissioned 6 pages of text and photos for the autumn issue and the following three!

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