A year on the Hill of Corton

September, but a little off subject.

It seems I am slow at beating my own drum. OK just so you know, on Sept 12th I won the Roederer award they call “Artistry in Wine”.  I’m happy to say it was against a far stronger field than the first two occasions.

The reality is I had a client, Fine Wine Editions, who has given such wonderful opportunities over the last few years working on their “Finest Wines Of …. ”  book series. This gave the chance to get the pictures.

I have to say that so much affects the success of pictures you take. The whole thing starts with good organisation that leaves the photographer with nothing else to worry about other than getting the pictures and allows adecent amount of time to do it in.

Three of my four images submitted for the award were from Germany and I have to thank the VDP for there planning and support as well as the growers who received me so well and with such patience.

Overall The series of seven books has given me the chance to meet and photograph over 350 winemakers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and California, from the famous to the almost unknown. With that opportunity and experience anyone should win something !  The kudos wanes but the experience stays with you, that is the real reward.



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