A year on the Hill of Corton

Wine photographers

Just had a brief online chat with Matt Wilson http://www.mattwilson.cl/
He had kindly emailed good wishes after the Roederers where he had also been shortlisted. Its great to discuss what we do with photographers who have different experiences and another approach.
Claes Lofgren http://www.winepictures.com is another I respect a great deal, a very helpful guy. We all have to take in what others are doing and look at our own stuff with that in mind, otherwise we are just heading down a cul de sac.
Charles O’Rear http://www.wineviews.com is still my hero and it was amazing to meet him by chance in California while I was shooting there. When you have spent 25 years shooting for National Geographic and still have your feet on the ground its to be admired. I asked him the secret of his success.
“Two Nikons and a working wife”. ( Too right mate !)
That is a lesson in not taking ourselves too seriously.
Perhaps you won’t know he shot the “Bliss” landscape, the Microsoft screen saver.
After the Roederers this year you realise how many great wine photographers there are around the world.
Pity we can’t put our best work together for a book. Problem is, who’d buy it….?
Its the writers who are the stars.

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