A year on the Hill of Corton

Good news and bad

I had hoped to arrive on Corton in time to catch all those growers with small parcels hard at work.
Coche-Dury for example in Charlemagne. Sadly he rang this morning to ask when I was arriving as he is starting, and finishing, this afternoon. The weather forecast is for some rain at the weekend so it’ll be busy when I do arrive tomorrow, Thursday 3rd. Happily I will be there for Comte Senard’s Clos des Meix on Friday, a nice little monopole.

The good news is that the Bonneau du Martray donation is 3 magnums of red Corton Grand Cru 2005. Hoping for for more great bottles in the days to come.
7.01 Eurostar tomorrow so I will be working by 2 pm !

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