A year on the Hill of Corton

More delay !

CortonMist_CWW7484LoResLesPougets_CRW6414LoRescassecroute@alambique_CRW6348 LoResemptyingAlambique@Ladoix_CRW6243LoResApologies for the very intermittent service here. An explanation is required. Just as I had got home from the 2 weeks of harvest shooting, edited what my clients needed and then begun to post again, my good friend Thierry Gaudillere from Bourgogne Aujourd’hui magazine sent two ravishing images of light on Le Charlemagne’ yellow/gold vines. I was hooked and had to return as soon as I saw a promising forecast.
Getting the best images of autumn colour is always a matter of luck. One hard frost and it all goes.
I had my shots from earlier in October but decided that the potential demanded a rapid ( and expensive return so last Wednesday morning the 11.31 Eurostar was booked at 9.00 and a Hertz car booked for collection at Dijon as usual. It may be asking a lot to book a car at 9.15 for collection at 4.30 but I was not expecting a vehicle with 78,520 km on the clock and a hand brake badly in need of adjustment. No time to argue, just get on with it ! Let’s see if my subsequent complaint to Hertz customer service on Saturday gets me any joy…

Sadly the weather was only good enough long enough to get book material not a good series on the whole Côte. The important bonus was that the alambique which distils from the wine makers marc was caught in action. My return in the third week of November would have been too late !
Local advice had been that he would be operational for much longer. Ho hum, a lesson learnt.
Anyway apologies made, here are a few pics, holding back the best of course 🙂

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