A year on the Hill of Corton

La Paulée de Meursault

What has this do with Corton Hill you might ask…?
That’s the thing about Burgundy, you never know who or what you’ll discover next !Dan@Paulee_CRW0600-9
Its a real “bring your own” party, so much so that everyone gets their own tasting card to note everything they tasted, not always Burgundy either.Bottles@Paulee_CRW0741-5
Plenty to eat, 6 courses + coffeeFoisGras@Paulee_CRW0518-15
And entertainment provided.A Joyeu Bourguignon@Paulee_CRW0564-1

There must be speeches of course….BoredBonBourguignon_CRW0585-4
Its just a bit of a tight fit.servingCheese at Paulee_CRW0842-51
But there will be surprises.iphone@Paulee_CRW0542-49
And perhaps unique opportunities…

Will there be a Paulée in Macau next ?

Will there be a Paulée in Macau next ?

You never know who will come past.Pouring@Paulee_CRW0595-43
Who you will be sat next to…
Someone famous ?

Someone famous ?

The food keeps coming.chicken@Paulee_CRW0606-3
New friends are made.Paulee_CRW0776-40
Its all a lot of fun!waving@PauleeBlog_CRW0920-53
Here’s to next year!PauleeGlass_CRW0478-31

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