A year on the Hill of Corton

Emmanuel Giboulot

I’m sure this is worthy of your attention: http://ipsn.eu/petition_ld/remerciement_viticulteur/

I do wish I’d met him earlier, or at least drunk his wine, but I’ll make sure I do both as soon as I.

One response

  1. CORNU Pierre

    Dear Jon,
    You will find below the answer which I send to the people asking me for my opinion(notice) on Giboulot. You will have my opinion if the translation is correct!

    This message includes numerous slanders, you should not be allowed indoctrinate by people, who on the pretext of defending(forbidding) the nature, treat(manipulate) greenhorns by unfounded ideas, based only on an ideal. It is necessary to know that the golden flavescence is a disease in the fatal consequences for the vineyard(vine). She(it) is present in numerous vineyards of the South of France, which use for a long time the only known way(means) of fight(wrestling) today, which the prefect made apply in golden official list in 2013.
    Emmanuel Giboulot, and his organic colleagues claim to be able to be more competent on this subject, that all the specialized researchers!
    Let us stop(arrest) with all these extremist trends(tendencies) which, to bring movements ” revolutionary, bring no concrete solutions.
    Seen the content of the message, I was anxious to give you the point of view of a reasoned wine grower, close to the environment and the pragmatics, whom I am.
    Very friendly, see you soon,

    Pierre CORNU


    February 24, 2014 at 7:43 am

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