A year on the Hill of Corton

Burgundy’s new generation

My apologies for a protracted silence, but as you will see later its been a busy winter/springtime visiting four different countries. That all coming soon.

Back in November (!), the day after the Paulée I made a quick return to shoot these guys or a Wine Enthusiast story about up and coming negociants in Burgundy. Rain had been predicted so we worked on and under the balconies of the courtyard at the Hospices de Beaune.
All great guys but put them together… Not so easy to control! Perhaps they knew me too well. A great time anyway.
Thanks to the people at the Hospices for helping us to shoot in such wonderful surroundings, Lee-Anne and Jean-Thierry.
If you have not been, you must !

Rain arrived on time.

Yes, pretty wet. We needed the gargoyles !

Looks Nicolas Potel has been up awhile before being no 1 on my list.

Brault and Gambal discussing work.

Messrs Croix and Voorhuis made the short walk from the winery in Beaune

while David Duband came all the way down from Chevannes in the Hautes Côtes.

Jeremy Seysses showing how much taller Burgundians are these days

Benjamin Leroux brought the future with him!

The future always enjoys puddles !

As soon as the group shot was done it was time to relax.

and enjoy the location.

Lots to enjoy in stone

and wood.

And the sun came out !

The bottle shot. For those who notice the gap in the bottles, that’s for a double page spread !

Jean-Thierry, man behind the scenes, came to let me out !

Another tough day at the office !

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