A year on the Hill of Corton

Back for the harvest

I arrived in Burgundy from Champagne just after lunch today to find some harvest was already started on the Hill and in glorious weather, such a difference from the year before. I decided to drive around briefly but was quickly drawn into the old routine. On a visit to my friend Gareth at the Domaine Denis triage table in Pernand I found him happy with what passed in front of him.

Gareth shows how the Welsh do it...

Gareth shows how the Welsh do it…

He will be working, along with most others doing triage, until maybe 7 pm so I left him for a thirst quenching beer down at La Grappe de Pernand with Christian and Elizabeth, the bar owners.

Christian and Elizabeth prepared for the 6pm rush.

Christian and Elizabeth prepared for the 6pm rush.

Freshly kitted out with new tables and benches, they were ready for the imminent invasion of local “vendangeurs”.
I then took the dried mud track back through Charlemagne to find Domaine Dublère’s crew just finishing off their day.

Gathering in Blair Pethell's Corton Charlemagne

Gathering in Blair Pethell’s Corton Charlemagne

Lance leads the way !

Lance leads the way !

Just enough room ?

Just enough room ?

"Blair knows how to pick more than grape" said a porter !

“Blair knows how to pick more than grapes” said a porter !

I must be getting old but the “vendangeuses” are looking much younger these days! I carried on down to Aloxe-Corton and spotted pickers in Les Chaumes et Le Voi Rouge (named for its red stony soil). Here was Vincent Rapet very happy with the balance of his Pinot Noir in front of wonderful view of Corton Hill.

Even Vincent Rapet looks pleased.

Even Vincent Rapet looks pleased.

Corton Hillis quite a backdrop.

Corton Hill is quite a backdrop.

What a pity the design is finished, approved and the book goes to the printer in Milan on Monday 15th!

Embarrassingly I have felt the need to suggest my name on the cover is in slightly larger type than those of François Perroy who provided 20 of the 28 pages of text and Claude Chapuis who kindly contributed the preface.
It seems that certain book selling websites do not believe photographers can be authors. On two sites François is named exclusively as responsible. Not what I was hoping for after over three years of planning and shooting!
Anyway its all over bar the noise we must make around publication date (5 November) and I can now think of other things… like where to shoot next!

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